At FSA's March Board meeting, it made the following new Handbook Instruments as well as those described above:

  • the Handbook Administration (No 21) Instrument 2011 amends several Sourcebooks and the Perimeter Guidance (PERG) mainly from 6 April in respect of minor and consequential amendments and updates;
  • the Training and Competence (Qualifications Amendments) Instrument 2011 takes effect from 1 April and adds new qualifications to the appropriate qualifications table in TC;
  • the Fees Provisions (2011/2012) Instrument 2011 amends FEES from 1 April in respect of periodic fees for recognised bodies, professional bodies and the compensation scheme management expenses limit;
  • the Liquidity Standards (Miscellaneous Amendments No 2) Instrument 2011 took effect from 25 March and amended the Prudential Sourcebook for Banks, Building Societies and Investment Firms (BIPRU) in respect of the application of low frequency liquidity reporting to incoming EEA and third country firms and to extend the dates in some transitional provisions relating to the liquid assets buffer scalar for simplified ILAS BIPRU firms to defer the full switch on until 2015;
  • the Pensions (Annuitisation and Income Withdrawals Rules) (Amendment) Instrument 2011 takes effect mainly when the Finance Act 2011 comes into force and amends the Conduct of Business Sourcebook (COBS) in respect of certain projections and charges relating to drawdown pensions following the Government's decision to remove the requirement to annuitise pensions savings by the age of 75;
  • the Child Trust Funds (Amendment) Instrument 2011 takes effect on 6 April and amends COBS to clarify who is the client and on sending of confirmations and other documentation;
  • the Integrated Regulatory Reporting (Amendment No 11) Instrument 2011 takes effect on 6 April and amends the Supervision Manual (SUP) in respect of certain reporting forms; and
  • the Fees Manual (Financial Ombudsman Service Case Fees 2011/2012) Instrument 2011 takes effect from 1 April in respect of changes to the levy for Voluntary Jurisdiction participants.  

(Source: Handbook Notice 108)