The AB32 Implementation Group (AB32IG) sent a letter to California Governor Brown requesting that the cap-and-trade program and first allowance auction scheduled for November 14, 2012 be delayed. AB32IG had hoped CARB would address some of their concerns at the September board meeting, however CARB failed to do so. The letter requests that Gov. Brown step in to protect the state’s economy; and states that the independent Legislative Analyst’s Office confirmed that the auctioning of allowances is not necessary to reach the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals set forth in AB32. Part of the letter reads, “CARB’s requirement to buy allowances will impose high and unnecessary costs on California businesses, threatening jobs and tax revenues in the state.” It continues to say that consumers will be impacted by higher costs of fuel, utilities, food and other essential services. So far the Governor has yet to respond to AB32IG’s letter.