As the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority seeks dedicated and sufficient funding to move forward with the major economic development goals it was tasked with upon its restructuring in 2010, details are emerging about a plan "to remake parts of Queensgate and Camp Washington," reports (See our Jan 27, 2014, blog post – "Cincinnati port authority looks for funding to move forward with major economic development goals"). The plan calls for transforming "1,200 acres of railyards, vacant patches and old manufacturing sites" into "an important, thriving hub of high-paying manufacturing, engineering and laboratory businesses near downtown." The agency will ask the Cincinnati City Council for $6 million to begin buying old industrial land as part of a $250 million investment to "clean up and prepare the area for reinvestment during the next 10 years," the article said. The port authority hopes that the initial $250 million investment of public, grant and foundation money sparks "$1 billion in private investment." For more, read the full story.