Jason Metnick, one of the Firm’s attorneys who handles employment litigation, obtained summary judgment at the initial pleading stage before an answer was filed or any discovery was taken in a case filed in federal court. After a candidate for an accounting position was interviewed, but not selected for employment, Masuda, Funai’s client was sued for allegedly discriminating against the candidate on the basis of his race (black), age (50), and sex (male). The person ultimately selected for the accountant position was a white female in her 20’s. In defense of Masuda, Funai’s client and in response to the plaintiff’s complaint, we immediately filed a motion for summary judgment on the basis that the client had a valid non-discriminatory basis upon which it did not make an offer of employment to the unselected candidate. We argued that not only was discovery unnecessary in this cause, but that the facts of the case were indisputable in that the selected candidate had exceptional communication skills and supervisory experience, whereas the plaintiff had demonstrably poor communication skills, an inferior employment history, and lacked supervisory experience. The United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois agreed, and entered judgment in Masuda, Funai’s client’s favor and dismissed the case. Thus, the aggressive strategy permitted the client to avoid the costs of discovery and a trial, and resulted in a quick and efficient resolution