A coalition of 24 farmer- and rancher-led organizations has reportedly formed an alliance to “develop and implement a well-funded, long-term, and coordinated public trust campaign for American agriculture.” The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) includes organizations from virtually all aspects of agriculture that share the goal of bolstering the image of farm production methods.

According to a November 11, 2010, USFRA press release, the alliance’s initial focus will be to (i) “increase consumer, consumer influencer and thought leader trust and confidence in today’s agriculture”; (ii) “serve as a resource to food companies on the benefits of today’s agricultural production”; (iii) “work with leading health, environmental and dietary organizations to demonstrate the benefits of today’s agricultural production”; and (iv) “increase the role of U.S. farmers and ranchers as the voice of animal and crop agriculture on local, state and national food issues.”

Convening earlier this year to discuss media reports, books and films critical of U.S. agriculture, representatives of the largest groups—corn growers, cattlemen, soybean producers, and the egg and poultry industry—reportedly decided to reach out to smaller organizations to form the alliance, which has yet to select a home base. “The sun rises today on a new, collaborative and coordinated effort by many segments of production agriculture to tell our great story as never before,” newly-elected USFRA Chair Bob Stallman said in a statement. “It represents the first time all of production agriculture has come together for a common purpose.” See USFRA Press Release, November 11, 2010; National Journal Daily, November 12, 2010.