It is not hard to see why — in the MeToo era, and in an era of an increasingly sharp focus by regulators on culture and non-financial misconduct — companies are moving away from social events outside of working hours that can give rise to misconduct or behaviour which they seek to deter during working hours. The focus by regulators on culture, to incentivise firms to consider how they can effect positive change in their own cultures, and thereby reduce misconduct in their organisations, has doubtless contributed to this trend. One suggestion from the FCA (click here for further information) is for firms to consider the use of behavioural science to guide their approach to incentives and cultural change. This is becoming increasingly mainstream and recognised by many organisations as an invaluable approach to effective compliance in their organisations. To listen to a podcast on applying behavioural science to compliance please click here.

“As boorish, drunken behaviour becomes increasingly unacceptable in the workplace, demand for meaningful events, teamingbuilding and experiences is on the rise”