On 9 May 2011, the Committee on Climate Change published its Renewable Energy Review in response to the Government’s request for advice on whether to increase its targets for energy from renewable sources. The current UK target is 15% renewable energy generation by 2020 under the Renewable Energy Directive 2009. The Review concluded that renewable energy should make a major contribution to decarbonising the UK economy over the next few decades, with a recommended share of around 30% by 2030. The Review also decided that nuclear generation in particular is likely to be the most cost-effective form of low-carbon generation in the 2020s before the costs of other technologies have fallen. Ultimately, the Review also recommended a portfolio approach to include both renewable and other low-carbon technologies with, for example, 40% of electricity being derived from renewables, 40% from nuclear and 15% from coal and gas with carbon capture and storage (CCS) and the balance from unabated gas.