As we recently discussed, the OSC provided guidance earlier this week for issuers in case of a postal strike, a situation that has now been realized. Other Canadian securities regulators have also provided similar guidance.

For example, the Alberta Securities Commission has advised those required to file material with the ASC to make the filings by delivery or fax unless the filing is required to be made through SEDAR, SEDI or NRD. With respect to the requirement to send financial statements and related disclosure to securityholders, the ASC has issued a Blanket Order providing an exemption under certain circumstances. Among other things, reporting issuers and investment funds are required to issue a news release stating that electronic versions of the financial statements have been filed on SEDAR and that copies of the statements will be sent to those requesting them. The New Brunswick Securities Commission has also issued an order (Blanket Order 51-501) as has the British Columbia Securities Commission (BC Instrument 51-510, applying to reporting issuers other than investment funds), while the Autorité des marchés financiers and Nova Scotia Securities Commission have issued similar guidance.