The Commodity Futures Trading Commission resolved charges against Stephen Gola and Jonathan Brims, former associated persons of a futures commission merchant that recently settled its own CFTC charges, for engaging in spoofing activities from July 16, 2011, through December 31, 2012. According to the CFTC, the individuals engaged in spoofing conduct on more than 1,000 occasions by placing bids or offers for US Treasury futures products with an intent to cancel the orders before execution. The traders, claimed the CFTC, placed small opposite-side orders in the same products or cash markets, prior to placing large spoofing orders for at least 1,000 contracts. The spoofing orders were cancelled immediately after the opposite-side orders were executed, or whenever the traders believed they might be executed in the marketplace. Mr. Gola agreed to pay US $350,000 and Mr. Brims, US $200,000 to resolve their CFTC enforcement action, as well as to be precluded from trading all CFTC-regulated market for six months after they fully pay their fines.