On June 12, 2015, a new amendment to the Federal Labor Law (FLL) was published in the Official Gazette, increasing the minimum age for employment from 14- to 15-years-old.

This amendment is consistent with the constitutional reform that went into effect on June 17, 2014, protecting children who are younger than 15-years-old and prohibiting employment for those under 18-years-old who have not concluded elementary school.

The amendment also prohibits individuals older than 15 but younger than 18 from working overtime.

It is important to note that minors who are more than 15-years-old must obtain a written permit from their parents or the Labor Board before they start working.

The FLL also prevents minors from working in hazardous or damaging environments, including but not limited to loud workplaces, during night shifts, in mining activities, in construction, on ships, and on submarines.

Finally, the FLL includes sanctions for employers that hire employees under 15-years-old. These sanctions include a fine between 250 and 5,000 times the daily general minimum wage and up to four years in prison.