A physiotherapist was found guilty of professional misconduct for sending inappropriate text messages to an elderly patient, and attempting to provide her with counselling (outside of his scope of practice). In cancelling the physiotherapist's registration, the Tribunal stated that: "given the seriousness of the breaches of boundaries cancellation is necessary for the protection of the public and the maintenance of standards." The physiotherapist was also censured as a mark of the profession's "displeasure" at his actions, and the Tribunal ordered that if he wished to return to practice he must satisfy the Physiotherapy Board that he had undertaken such appropriate courses in ethics and the management of boundaries as deemed suitable by the Board. The Tribunal found that it was unable to order costs because the physiotherapist was legally aided, but indicated that if it could do so it would have made an order for 40% of the costs incurred by the Professional Conduct Committee and the Tribunal. Mr Singleton (398/Phys10/158P)