A 51-year-old accountant who had applied for 20 jobs, for which she was overqualified, replying to adverts aimed at newly qualified accountants with little experience, has lost her claim for age discrimination. Dealing a blow to serial litigants, the EAT in Investigo v Keane held that Ms Keane had no real interest in the jobs she had applied for and could not possibly have suffered a detriment under the Age Regulations by being rejected, even if the adverts could be found to be indirectly discriminatory on age grounds. This decision is helpful for employers against "fake" applicants, who, with no intention of obtaining a job, bring claims against employers on the grounds of discriminatory wording in adverts with a view to obtaining a financial settlement. What the case also shows, however, is that employers are still falling into easily avoidable traps when recruiting and should review wording in job adverts carefully to make sure they are not vulnerable to claims.