Beauty blogger and designer of L’Oréal line em Cosmetics Michelle Phan has filed a countersuit against Ultra International Music Publishing (UIMP ) and Ultra Records, which had sued Phan for allegedly infringing their copyrights by using their artists’ music without permission in her YouTube videos. UIMP v. Phan, No. 14-5533 (U.S. Dist. Ct., C.D. Cal., counterclaim filed September 17, 2014). According to the counterclaim, Phan had an agreement with Ultra’s senior new media manager allowing her, beginning in July 2009, to use the music in exchange for including links to purchase the songs via iTunes at the end of her videos. She also contends that through YouTube’s Content ID system, the defendants had approved her use of their songs since 2009. Phan claims that Ultra and UIMP sent Digital Millennium Copyright Act notices to YouTube in bad faith in violation of that Act and intentionally interfered with a contract; she seeks declaratory judgments, damages and attorney’s fees. Additional information about Ultra’s complaint appears in Issue 30 of this Report.