There may be an opportunity for some landlords to lease their unused roof space for solar power generation. Recent government initiatives under Ontario's Green Energy Act and related legislation could make rooftop leases financially attractive to entrepreneurial landlords and tenants. The rent would more likely be based on a percentage of the revenue received from local distribution companies rather than the traditional, fixed base rent and share of taxes and operating costs. There would be a substantial upfront investment by tenants to acquire and install the solar panels. To make such investments worthwhile, a longer than normal term would be required. In addition, the roof space would have to be large enough, sufficiently sunny, structurally sound and preferably flat. Once installed, the solar panels generate electricity that would provide a steady cash flow with very little maintenance. Does this sound too good to be true? Maybe. Maybe not. It has worked in other jurisdictions, but it is relatively new and untested in our part of the world. However, it can work if landlords and tenants approach this opportunity with creativity and flexibility. Your thoughts?