On October 27, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals held that a loan broker who originates loans in Maryland for a federally insured out-of-state bank and then repurchases those loans days later qualifies as a “credit service business” under the Maryland Credit Services Business Act (MCSBA) and must be licensed accordingly. Md. Comm’r of Financial Reg. v. CashCall, No. 1477, 2015 WL 6472270 (Md. Ct. Spec. App. Oct. 27, 2015). The loan broker argued, citing Gomez v. Jackson Hewitt, Inc., 427 MD. 128 (2012), that it was not a “credit service business” within the meaning of the MCSBA because the MCSBA did not apply to the out-of-state federally insured bank that made the loans and because the loan broker did not receive a direct payment from the consumer. The Commissioner and the court disagreed. In affirming the Commissioner’s decision and in overturning the decision of the Circuit Court for Baltimore, the Court of Special Appeals reasoned that the MCSBA applied because (i) the loan broker was engaged in the very business the MCSBA was intended to apply to (i.e. it was exclusively engaged in assisting Maryland consumers to obtain small loans); and (ii) after repurchasing the loan, the loan broker had the right to receive direct payment from consumers. The Court of Special Appeals remanded the case to the Circuit Court for Baltimore.