IAM took control of local operations at the Wichita, Kan. District 70 office because of massive overspending. The union expects the takeover will be a temporary trusteeship.

John Hamilton, the business manager-general vice president of the IUOE from 2012-2013, was indicted by a federal grand jury on nine counts of various crimes. The reported crimes involve extortion, money-laundering, and embezzlement.

Rome Aloise, an international vice president for IBT, has been accused of corruption by an Independent Review Board. The charges stem from requests Aloise made to an employer, with which the union was bargaining, for a ticket to a Playboy Super Bowl party.

The AFSCME allegedly threatened to pull funding from the Washington Labor Council if its president spoke at a Bernie Sanders rally. The AFSCME has already endorsed Hillary Clinton. However, the AFSCME and the Washington Labor Council are both affiliates of the AFL-CIO, which has yet to endorse a candidate. The AFL-CIO stated it would not make a presidential endorsement at the upcoming annual winter meeting.