BIS consultation on streamlining Regulatory and Competition Appeals: 

  • The consultation seeks views on the ways in which appeals of regulatory and competition decisions might be streamlined and whether the right balance is struck between providing a proper right of challenge and allowing regulators and competition authorities to make timely decisions.
  • The government proposes to either apply a juridical review standard or to limit appeals to defined grounds of appeal in appeals that are considered "on the merits".
  • The government intends to streamline processes for hearing appeals, including introducing target case time limits and encouraging cases to be resolved on the papers where possible, for instance for cost awards and straightforward matters.
  • The consultation also makes proposals to
    • Make clearer rules on admissibility of new evidence in an appeal, and awarding costs against new evidence which could have been brought earlier at the decision-making stage.
    • Increasing the use of confidentiality rings by regulators and/or greater transparency and more effective consultation.
    • Encouraging regulators to claim their costs and consulting on whether courts will only award costs against a regulator where they have acted unreasonably.
  • The consultation is available here.
  • Closing date: 11 September 2013.

DCMS consultation on media plurality and ownership:

  • In line with Lord Justice Leveson's recommendations, the Government intends to develop a measurement framework in conjunction with industry and to complete a market assessment of media plurality in the UK.
  • The consultation seeks views on the scope of the measurement framework, including:
    • the types of media (e.g. should online media be included alongside traditional media);
    •  genres that are relevant to media plurality (e.g. should it the measurement framework cover news and current affairs only or be extended to other content);
    • the audiences with which it should be concerned.
  • The measurement framework will then be used to conduct the UK's first market analysis of media plurality.
  • The consultation is available here.
  • Closing date: 22 October 2013.