The activity relating to non-conventional therapies has recently been subject to extensive regulation.

The Order No. 182/2014 of 12 September came to establish the minimum requirements of organization and operation, human resources and technical facilities related to the activity of non-conventional therapies. Accordingly, the organization and functioning of unconventional therapies are now subject to compliance with the rules of safety and quality issued by the Directorate-General for Health and, mutatis mutandis, to the legal regime of private health care units.

In addition, it was established that the private clinics and practitioners  of unconventional therapies should follow certain rules on public information, namely: should be visible to the public the opening hours, identification of the clinical director, the procedures to be adopted in emergencies, the rights and obligations of users and the price list. It is also determined that the clinics shall keep the therapeutic records of their users.

As for human resources, the Order stipulated a period of one year after its entry into force of the issuance of the regulation for obtaining of the professional certificate for those responsible for carrying out the clinical direction, that is, until October 2016.

In  what  respects  technical  requirements, it was established that the clinics or practitioners shall observe general standards on construction, safety and privacy. Additionally, the waste management should directly assured by the clinic or using third- party in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. Finally, it was established that whenever clinic of unconventional therapeutic also provides medical services, they must meet the demands and requirements listed on their diplomas.

Also, in what respects the legal requirements to access the professional practice of unconventional therapies, Order no. 182-A/2014 of 12 September came to fix the amount of fees payable for professional registration and issuance of professional licenses in € 60. We also note Order no. 200/2014 of 3 October, which clarifies that the professionals of unconventional therapies should conclude a liability insurance with a minimum value of € 150,000 annuity and accident, including claims for direct damages , indirect, moral as well as legal defense, appeal and court costs..

Finally, the seven legal categories of non conventional therapeutic activities which have been regulated are: ((i) naturopathic (ii) osteopathy, (iii) homeopathy (iv) chiropractic (v) herbal medicine (vi) acupuncture and (vii) traditional Chinese medicine. This new regulation was passed through a set of ordinances that came to characterize and establish the professional content of each category.