Mississippi homeowners have filed a putative nationwide class action against an American drywall manufacturer, alleging that the product “emits various sulfide gases and/or other chemicals through ‘off-gassing’ that causes property damage and health hazards.” Mingo v. LaFarge N. Am., Inc., No. 1:10cv219 (U.S. Dist. Ct., S.D. Miss., S. Div., filed May 17, 2010). Numerous claims involving Chinese-manufactured drywall emissions are currently pending in a number of state and federal courts; this lawsuit contends that the same defect in domestically produced drywall is also corroding metal components in heating and cooling systems, appliances and computers, as well as causing “irritant effects and health hazards.” Plaintiffs allege that removal is the only way to correct the defect. Bringing claims for negligence, strict liability, unjust enrichment, nuisance, and equitable and injunctive relief and medical monitoring, they seek compensatory and statutory damages, attorney’s fees, costs, environmental and air monitoring, and medical monitoring.