UK seeks assistance from Dubai police to fight organised crime

Senior officials of the UK's tax authority, HMRC are meeting with UAE law enforcement partners in Dubai to strenghten the joint efforts of both countries to combat organised crime and tax evasion.

Earlier this year Dubai Police and the Dubai Public Prosecution helped secure the deportation to the UK of one of Britain’s most wanted tax fugitives, Geoffrey Johnson. Johnson had been found guilty of money laundering and sentenced in absentia on 9 September 2014, to 24 years imprisonment after fleeing the UK before trial. He was involved in a complex fraud in the UK, including the theft of more than Dh800 million and the laundering of more than Dh6 billion.

Dubai authorities intercepted Johnson attempting to enter the emirate illegally from Kenya with a fake passport earlier this year. As a result of his criminal activities, Johnson owes the UK £109 million (Dh527.8 million) and HMRC is working with UK partners to recover the proceeds of crime

Trader on trial for possessing over $925,000 believed to be the proceeds of illegal practices

A trader is currently on trial for possessing over $925,000 through 'deceptive methods'. The Greek businessman, who runs an online trading company, is alleged to have convinced a Saudi businessman to invest in the international stock markets via his company. The Saudi businessman believed he was dealing with a financial investment company which was registered in Dubai, and transferred $925,000 to the company in the course of one week. When it became clear that the company was not registered in Dubai, the Saudi businessman reported the transaction to the Dubai authorities. Dubai police have traced the funds and discovered that it had been transferred to the Greek businessman's personal account. The case has been referred to a financial expert to determine whether the money was received through illegal practices whilst the trial continues.

Duo accused of stealing over $172,000 from local bank using forged documents

A bank worker is on trial for allegedly using fake documents to obtain a loan of $172,000 from the bank for which he worked. The defendant is said to have processed an application to open an account by his accomplice, who remains at large, using a forged residency visa and bank statement. The pair then allegedly conspired to apply for a loan, and withdrew the funds before the bank noticed that the documents were forged. According to a representative of the bank, the speed with which the application was processed aroused suspicion and the bank launched an internal investigation before bringing the matter to the authorities' attention. The Dubai Criminal Court is due to issue its verdict this month.

Banker jailed for embezzling funds in Dubai

An assistant manager at a bank has been sentenced to a year's imprisonment for embezzling $250,000 by abusing his position between November 2015 and April 2017. The Court of First Instance has found the banker guilty of embezzling funds, forging a cheque appliaction form and falsifying its details. The defendant has been ordered to return the funds to the bank and will be deported upon completion of his sentence.