While there was no reference to the Charities Protection Bill in the actual Queen’s speech on 4 June 2014, the full briefing listed the intention of Parliament to introduce this Bill.

The purpose of the draft Bill is to “Create a fairer society by better protecting charities in England and Wales from abuse and equipping the Charity Commission to tackle abuse more effectively and efficiently.” The main benefits of the proposals would be:

  • “Protecting charities from abuse by people who present a known risk.
  • Making it easier for the Charity Commission to take robust action against individuals and charities in cases of abuse.
  • Supporting public trust and confidence in the effective regulation of charities.”

The Cabinet Office has been consulting on strengthening the Charity Commission’s powers. See our article for more information on those consultations.

The Government has made it clear that they are currently analysing and considering the response to the consultation and “will legislate as soon as parliamentary time allows”. This suggests that it is unlikely that the Bill will be passed in this Parliamentary session.