The Argentine Senate has approved a package of bills introduced in August 2014 to create two new agencies within the executive branch and a new tribunal, all with jurisdiction over consumer claims for up to US$25,000. Specifically, the bill would establish (1) a Mandatory Conciliation Service in Consumer Relations (COPREC), (2) Auditor of Consumer Relations, and (3) Federal Justice for Consumer Relations. If the bills are enacted, COPREC would hear individual consumer claims in instances where the amount claimed does not exceed US$25,000. The Auditor of Consumer Relations would hear liability cases where damages pursued are less than US$6,500, and the Federal Justice for Consumer Relations would hear claims related to the Consumer Protection Code and other regulations related to users and consumers rights up to US$25,000. Following the Senate’s September 4, 2014, approval, the bills will now go to the House of Representatives where they will likely be submitted for review by one or more committees.