Following a 12-week consultation on incentive schemes, DEFRA has published a framework that will allow a small number of local authorities in England to pilot incentives for people to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. The Climate Change Bill includes powers which grant a maximum of five local authorities permission to pilot the schemes.

The schemes may be tailored to fit local circumstances but will be subject to strict government approval and legislative guidance, including a requirement to provide a "good" recycling service.

The recycling schemes will entail a system whereby those throwing away the least would receive a rebate, whereas those throwing away the most could pay the most. Rebates and charges may be integrated into the council tax system. However, the pilot schemes will have to be revenue neutral, meaning that those local authorities piloting the scheme will have to pay back to residents overall any money they collect from them as part of the pilots. The impact of these incentive schemes will be closely monitored before any such schemes are introduced more widely.

Further information is available here.