RICS launches New Rules of Measurement

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has launched the New Rules of Measurement recently which is accompanied by the Quantity Surveying and Construction Standards (the Black Book).  

Despite the use of Bills of Quantities falling out of favour in some regions, this new method of measurement updates SMM7 and allows scope to create composite descriptions for work items.  

RICS launches first national alternate dispute provider in Australia

RICS Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) has become the only alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider to have national coverage as a body authorised to appoint adjudicators. Kaye Herald, Managing Director RICS Asia Pacific said: "The awarding of ANA status in South Australia marks the completion of rolling out the DRS services across Australia. RICS DRS has an international reputation as an independent provider of dispute resolution and this has been recognised by governments and industry across Australia. We look forward to continuing to provide the highest quality of independent alternate dispute service in the construction sector."  

Amendments to the Singapore International Arbitration Act come into force

On 9 April 2012, the Singapore International Arbitration (Amendment) Act and Foreign Limitation Periods Act were passed in Parliament. Following their respective commencement notifications on 1 June 2012, the amendments to Singapore’s arbitration laws have now come into force.