The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently published the names of healthcare providers that received contaminated products from New England Compounding Center’s facility in Framingham, Massachusetts.  The FDA has published two lists containing the names of the healthcare providers.  The first list provides a state-by-state description of the providers that received the contaminated products.  The second list compiles the names of the healthcare providers alphabetically and “includes the specific products shipped, the quantities of product shipped, and the shipping date,” according to a FDA press release.

Because New England Compounding Center provided the information contained in the lists, FDA has determined that it “cannot vouch for the completeness or accuracy of the lists.”  Nevertheless, FDA maintains that the lists contain “the best information we have available, at this time, to help inform facilities and healthcare providers of [New England Compounding Center] products shipped to their facilities since May 21, 2012.”

FDA and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health have blamed New England Compounding Center with causing “a widespread outbreak of fungal meningitis [that] has affected people in 17 states and caused 23 deaths.”  Authorities in Massachusetts allege that the New England Compounding Center failed to follow sterilization guidelines and compounded drugs in dangerous conditions at their Framingham facility.  FDA recommends that healthcare providers follow up with patients who received injectable products or cardioplegic solutions purchased or produced by New England Compounding Center that were shipped and administered on or after May 21, 2012.

To view the lists of healthcare providers that received drugs from New England Compounding Center, click here.