Safety is the best way to reduce your workers’ compensation costs. Here are a few tips to make your workplace a safer environment:

  • Provide training: a comprehensive safety education and training program should be provided to new employees. Safety training should be an ongoing and regular part of your business’ education practices.
  • Make safety a priority: institute consequences for failure to follow safety measures and recognize or reward employees who correctly follow safety procedures.
  • Frequently assess work facilities: conduct regular evaluations of work facilities, machinery, and workstations. Encourage employees to report anything that looks broken or unsafe. Be sure to correct any hazards such as dim lighting, poor air quality/temperature and unsafe machinery.
  • Review your business practices: some common work practices may lead to work injuries. For example, in industries that require strenuous or repetitive work, adding overtime hours may increase overuse injury claims. By hiring additional staff or part time staff you may be able to reduce overuse or over-exertion injuries.
  • Develop a wellness program: employees that are healthy and fit will be more likely to avoid injury. They can also recover more quickly if an accident does occur.