As of January 18, 2009, all lawful permanent residents of the United States will be subject to the biometric requirements of the US-VISIT program. US-VISIT was established in 2003 to verify the identities and travel documents of visitors. Until now, only temporary visitors were subject to US-VISIT requirements. Lawful permanent residents will now be required to be photographed and fingerprinted upon arrival to or departure from the U.S. This data will then be checked against intelligence and law enforcement watch lists and databases. Initially, US-VISIT will apply to all permanent residents entering or exiting from an airport or seaport. Permanent residents entering through land ports of entry will be required to provide fingerprints only if they are referred to secondary inspection. Lawful permanent residents with criminal convictions (including DUI convictions) traveling outside of the U.S. are likely to be questioned at entry and should carry with them court records or other documents showing the disposition of the matter and any other evidence regarding their admissibility to the U.S.