Filers seeking an extension must submit a Request for Extension.

On May 29, we issued a LawFlash reporting that the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) extended the BE-10 reporting deadline for new filers to June 30, 2015.  The BEA has informed us that it will automatically grant an additional extension until August 31, 2015 for all filers. To be granted an extension, filers must submit a Request for Extension for Filing the 2014 BE-10 Benchmark Survey of US Direct Investment Abroad (the “Extension Request”). We suggest that filers seeking an extension submit an Extension Request by June 30, although we note that the BEA did not state that an Extension Request filed after such date would not be effective.

The Extension Request can be found here and can be emailed to the BEA at be10/[email protected] or faxed to +1.202.606.5312. Please note that the BEA will not contact the filer after the Extension Request is submitted. We understand from the BEA that the Extension Request is deemed approved once it is sent to the BEA.