A new cost-recovery regulation has been enacted under the Ontario Water Resources Act, S.O. 1990, c. O. 40 ("OWRA"), which imposes charges of $3.71 per million litres of water used annually for certain industrial and commercial water users (O. Reg. 450/07, Charges for Industrial and Commercial Water Users). In particular, the charges apply after January 1, 2009 to producers of: bottled water, beverages, canned or pickled fruits and vegetables, ready-mix concrete, certain non-metallic minerals, pesticide, fertilizer and other agricultural chemical manufacturers, and certain inorganic chemicals. Water users are obligated if they have a Permit to Take Water, or if they use more than 50,000 litres of water on any given day from a waterworks that they do not also own. The regulation also imposes reporting requirements. Bills will be issued within a year of reporting, and must be paid within 30 days of receipt. See  http://www.elaws.gov.on.ca/html/regs/english/elaws_regs_070450_e.htm for details.