Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology certainly hold the promise of world-changing innovation. Early entrepreneurs and investors in the space have been confounded—and, in some cases, defrauded—by an actual or perceived lack of legal and regulatory clarity or engagement. But, as the technology increasingly mainstreams, the legal and regulatory landscape have come into sharper focus.

In an interview I gave on the Disruptor Daily podcast, I talked about some of this clarity—including from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and the Internal Revenue Service—and its impact on innovation.

Head over to Disruptor Daily to hear the full episode of the podcast. Some of the points we covered are:

How are the SEC and CFTC treating secondary market-makers and investors in cryptocurrencies?

  • Are my overseas cryptocurrency investments taxable?
  • Now that the SEC has dampened initial coin offerings as a means of fundraising, what is next for innovators?
  • If I want to invest in an innovating blockchain idea, how do I avoid becoming a fraud victim?