On 13 July 2011, the General Court (GC) dismissed the appeals by Otis, KONE and Schindler against the finding of their participation in a price-fixing, market-sharing, information exchange and bid-rigging cartel in the markets for the installation and maintenance of lifts. In February 2007, the Commission found that a cartel had operated in four separate single and continuous national cartels in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands between 1995 and 2004. The companies concerned appealed seeking annulment of the fines imposed on them. In almost all instances, the GC upheld the Commission’s findings. In doing so, the GC confirmed that EU competition law can apply to cartels operating on a national basis. However, the GC did reduce the fine imposed on ThyssenKrupp from €480m to approximately €320m on the basis that the Commission's imposition of an increase of 50 per cent to the fine on the grounds of repeat offending could not be justified. The GC found that parent company of Thyssen Group was not an addressee of the earlier case (T-203/01 Michelin) and in any event, the Commission had not considered that the subsidiaries and parent companies, in that particular instance, formed an economic entity. Therefore, there was no repeat infringement by the same undertaking.