In a significant judgment the Indian licensee Jockey International Inc. was able to get the Delhi High Court to accept the plea that JOCKEY is a well-known trademark in India.

As a brand, JOCKEY was established way back in the year 1876 by Mr. Samuel T. Cooper. JOCKEY made its presence in India since the year 1995 and since then the entity has received several prestigious awards for its superior quality products and undergarments.

On becoming aware that the Defendant had commenced using the mark JOCKEY in respect of elastics and to manufacture counterfeit products labeled with the brand JOCKEY and similar packaging designs, the licensee of the Jockey International Inc. initiated action in the Delhi High Court in which it provided necessary proof and validation for the brand JOCKEY. This was instrumental in getting the JOCKEY brand declared as a well-known trademark under Section 2(1) (zg) of the Trade Marks Act, 1999.