Effective January 17, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has reduced the filing fees for trademark applications. The new per-classification fee for a standard trademark application has been reduced from $325 to $275 per class, if the applicant agrees to utilize electronic correspondence. For those applicants wishing to receive paper notifications and correspondence from the USPTO, the fee will remain at $325 per class.

An application filed using the USPTO’s previously-accepted descriptions of goods and services have likewise been reduced from $275 to $225 per class. And finally, renewal application fees have been reduced from $400 to $300 per class.

According to the USPTO, the reduced filing fees were made possible due to efficiencies that have allowed the USPTO to create an operating reserve. Now that the new, reduced filing fees are in place, all new applications and renewals going forward will be subject to the new fees. Especially for multi-class applications, the new fees may mean savings for protecting new and existing brands, for a general review and clean-up, or for consolidation of your trademark portfolio.