On August 9, 2012, ICE SEVP issued a Withdraw on Notice ("WON") to PC Tech Learning Center located in Jersey City, New Jersey. SEVP indicated that as a result of the issuance of the WON, PC Tech is no longer certified by SEVP to enroll nonimmigrant students and SEVP has terminated the records of all PC Tech's nonimmigrant students. SEVP indicated that PC Tech's nonimmigrant students have the following options:

  1. Transfer to a new school that is willing to accept the student and to recommend reinstatement for the student. The new school should contact the SEVIS Help Desk to have the student's SEVIS records transferred. The student will then have to apply for reinstatement through the USCIS.
  2. If a student is unwilling or unable to transfer, the student must depart the United States within seven (7) days of his/her record being terminated.