MPs set out plan to consider alternatives to PM’s deal

  • MPs have set out details of their plan to consider other Brexit options, as Theresa May was warned more ministers could quit unless she changed course.
  • The Commons will begin voting on alternatives on Wednesday, in a process likely to continue into next week.


Jacob Rees-Mogg signals readiness to back Theresa May’s Brexit deal

  • Leading Eurosceptic, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has signalled that he is ready to back Theresa May’s Brexit deal, as pro-EU forces take control of the House of Commons timetable in order to test softer alternatives.
  • Rees-Mogg acknowledged that unless MPs supported the deal, Britain could remain in the EU: “The choice seems to be Mrs May’s deal or no Brexit”.


UK banks moving to EU will have to clarify bailout terms, SRB chief says

  • Big UK-based banks moving operations to the EU will have to have clear lines of reporting and financial liability from their London or US-based parents in the event of insolvency, EU banking regulators said today.
  • Lenders appear to have heeded previous warnings that they cannot simply set up a shell company on the continent, but officials at the Single Resolution Board warned that “long strings of command” could make it difficult for the agency to carry out its duties of dealing with EU lenders facing existential crises.


May’s party-first policy could come back to haunt her

  • Interesting discussion on May’s “party-first policy” and civil servants’ concern over the partisanship of the PM and cabinet, in relation to Brexit.