Your clients are more likely to separate from their partners in late January/ early February than at any other time.

You are a trusted advisor to your client and you will be the first person they call in the event of a separation. What do you tell them?

A stitch in time saves nine.

The very best time to get advice about the repercussions of a separation is immediately upon it happening. People who are recently separated are emotional and often irrational, and they often act in ways that harm their interests.

But won’t bringing a lawyer into the matter just escalate things?

In almost every circumstance a lawyer will de-escalate the situation. People act irrationally because they are insecure, because they do not know what to expect in a situation that most have never gone through before. By getting early, pragmatic advice they can make logical decisions that suit their long term interests.

Also, outcomes are almost always determined by the facts of the matter. Failing to get timely legal advice delays an outcome that is predetermined by those facts, and that delay and the insecurity that goes with it exacerbates conflict. Conflict clouds the facts on which the matter could be settled, and a vicious cycle is created.

Smart lawyers know that they make more money per work hour invested by getting clients in early and settling their affairs quickly and neatly. If a matter is settled quickly there are less write offs, less bad debts, bills are paid on time and there is a far greater chance of getting referrals.

Quick and timely advice is a win-win, for client and lawyer.

What should I say?

You can assist your clients in the following ways:

  • Get them to give me a call as soon as they get off the phone to you. My mobile number is on the bottom of this page and I am always happy to have a chat with your clients to set them on the right path
  • Continue to administer their affairs with the greatest respect for the finer details of your profession.

Separation is a delicate and often traumatic time. Pragmatic advice received early is the best way to cut costs and ensure a speedy resolution.