A lawsuit filed last month challenged the Freedom Foundation’s recent Public Records Act requests to many government entities demanding certain employee information. A December 27 preliminary injunction prohibits the defendants identified in that lawsuit (none of which were school districts) from disclosing the name, birthdate, duty station/location, or work email of any employee until March 31, 2020, and prohibits those defendants from disclosing such information after March 31 if the employee (or family member) is a domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking victim.

A Freedom Foundation proxy has now sent Public Records Act requests to most (if not all) school districts. On January 9, 2020, plaintiffs filed an Amended Complaint seeking to add all Washington school districts as defendants, and set a January 17 hearing on whether to extend the December 27 injunction to cover those school districts as well. A copy of those pleadings is available here.