• On September 15, 2010, the Wireline Competition Bureau issued a Public Notice requesting comment “from business broadband providers, business broadband customers, and any other interested parties regarding the current state of, and trends and issues in, business broadband markets.” Comments are due October 15, 2010, and Reply Comments are due November 4, 2010. The Public Notice is available here.

Chairman Julius Genachowski mentioned the Public Notice in remarks to the eBay “Top-Sellers Summit” in Washington, DC. He highlighted the Public Notice as part of the FCC’s “laser” focus on spurring the economy and supporting small businesses. He also spoke of the many aspects of the National Broadband Plan that will benefit small businesses, from mobile broadband to cybersecurity improvements. The Chairman’s remarks are available here.

  • The Free State Foundation has released an essay by former FCC Commissioner Glen O. Robinson (1974-76) in which he criticizes the “moderation” of the proposed “Third-Way” approach to broadband authority as being an “illusion.” Specifically, Mr. Robinson criticized the FCC for using its forbearance powers to “design a new tailor-made form of regulation.” Mr. Robinson is now a Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Virginia. His essay is available here.
  • Reply Comments on the Seventh Broadband Notice of Inquiry (NOI), in which the FCC seeks comment on the definition of “advanced telecommunications” and the proper metrics for evaluating broadband deployment, are due October 5, 2010. The NOI is available here.