The FCC is proposing a general overhaul of its media regulations, including modifying or eliminating broadcast rules it characterizes as burdensome and unnecessary. Among the rules the FCC is proposing to eliminate is the main studio rule, which currently requires broadcasters to maintain main studios in or near their communities of license. Under the current rule, a licensee must be able to originate programming from the main studio and ensure that a manager and staff person are present during business hours. The FCC is also considering eliminating these requirements.

Comments on the proposal to modernize the FCC’s media regulations are due July 5, 2017. The FCC has asked broadcasters to tell it specifically which rules they think need to be modified or repealed. Comments on the important proposal to eliminate the main studio rule, which could be very beneficial to some broadcasters, will be due 30 days after the proposal is published in the Federal Register. We will let you know the due date when it is established.