A report issued by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) recently "indicates wind and solar power have already slightly reduced customer bills," according to the Gongwer Ohio Report. Interpretations of the report were discussed as part of the greater debate over Sub. S.B. 58, which is Ohio Sen. Bill Seitz's (R-Cincinnati) proposal to revise the state's energy efficiency and renewable energy laws. The report, "Renewable Resources and Wholesale Price Suppression," admits that the study was only an attempt to "quantify the price suppression effects that are associated with new utility-scale renewable projects and does not purport to comprise an overall cost-benefit analysis of these projects." Using cost modeling software to analyze the wholesale price of electricity with and without the RPS, the report found that "the renewable facilities currently operating in Ohio will reduce the megawatt-hour cost by 0.15 percent in 2014 and generate a total savings of $8.3 million." For more, read the full report.