On March 22, the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA) released a bulletin in which it discussed the "significant financial compliance deficiencies" identified during on-site examinations of its member firms. Specifically, the bulletin identified the following serious deficiencies: (i) incorrect margin rate applied to securities owned; (ii) securities not held at acceptable securities locations; (iii) incomplete reporting on Form 1; (iv) trust bank accounts not reconciled to back office system; and (v) nominee name client assets not reconciled to third party information on a monthly basis. According to the MFDA, such deficiencies are often "a result of a firm not adequately managing or considering the capital implications of significant changes in their business".

Meanwhile, an MFDA bulletin released on the same day reviewed common deficiencies identified during MFDA staff's review of auditor working paper files. Financial audits of MFDA members occur in accordance with Rule 3.5.1(b) and the MFDA intended the bulletin "to enhance awareness and understanding of the special audit requirements for external auditors".