On October 16, 2012, the Ministry of Economy published the list of companies whose IMMEX programs are definitely cancelled.

  1. The listed companies that were cancelled because they did not file an annual report for fiscal year 2011 appear in the following link

Annex 1

  1. The listed companies that appear in the following link were cancelled because they do not have:
  • Certificate of advanced electronic signature of SAT (FIEL).
  • Federal Taxpayers’ Registration (active status).
  • Tax Domicile and domiciles where the company performs its activities under its IMMEX program are either not registered or active in the Federal Taxpayer’s Registry

Annex 2

Pursuant to the provisions set forth in the Foreign Trade General Rules for 2012, companies whose IMMEX programs were definitely cancelled will also be cancelled from the Importers' Registry and the Certified Companies' Registry, if applicable.

Even though the cancelled IMMEX programs cannot be reactivated, in certain cases the companies may request a new IMMEX Program authorization.