We reported on the "community right to bid" provisions contained in the Localism Bill in our December issue of FuturePerfect? and await more on the extent of the impact these provisions could have on the owners of those assets which may become listed as "assets of community value". However the provisions have picked up a few amendments as the Bill has passed through the Commons and into the Lords. Most notably, there is now a provision allowing the Secretary of State to provide advice and assistance (including financial assistance) to those "taking steps" in relation to assets of community value, including those looking to bid for them.

In our attempt to unravel the provisions in the Localism Bill - both in relation to the community right to bid and other aspects under the umbrella concept of "neighbourhood planning" - we have devised a series of flow diagrams to explain how we understand these provisions to work. Do get in touch if you would like more detail of these.