A new Labour Code, not yet published, was unanimously voted up by the Conseil National de la Transition (National Transition Council or CNT).

During its final session on 10 January 2014, the CNT adopted a new Labour Code which will replace the previous code enacted in 1988.

The new Code has not yet been published in the Journal Officiel nor been made publicly available. However, based on the latest draft version, this new Code is expected to introduce new regulations in relation to:

  • sexual harassment;
  • non-compete clauses;
  • subcontracting and temporary work agencies;
  • suspension of employment contracts;
  • short-term work for technical and economic reasons;
  • labour inspector role/powers;
  • redundancy/lay-off procedures.

If the version of the Code that was voted up by the CNT is the same as the most recent draft, the new Code will provide a more comprehensive and helpful guide for employers and employees.

Actions for employers

Employers should regularly monitor developments and, once the new Labour Code is published, conduct a review in order to determine its impact on their workforce.