Earlier this year, Pinterest quietly updated its guidelines for conducting contests and other types of promotions on the Pinterest platform. Those guidelines are contained within its Acceptable Use Policy. The previous guidelines stated, among other things, that companies should not “run a sweepstakes where each Pin, board, like, or follow represents an entry;” require people “to Pin from a selection;” or “require a minimum number of Pins.” None of those restrictions are found in the new guidelines. The new guidelines state that companies who conduct promotions should “encourage authentic behavior, keep Pinterest spam-free, and be sure to comply with all relevant laws and regulations.” The new guidelines state further that companies who conduct promotions should not require participants to Pin a specific image or allow more than one entry per participant. The new guidelines expressly acknowledge that requiring consumers to Pin from a selection is now permissible: “Give Pinners the ability to choose Pins based on their tastes and preferences, even if it's from a selection or a given website.”

Tip: There was some ambiguity under Pinterest’s previous promotion guidelines as to whether companies were even permitted to run a sweepstakes on Pinterest. That language has been removed from the Acceptable Use Policy, and it appears that Pinterest permits conducting both “contests” and “other type[s] of promotions” (e.g., sweepstakes). The updated guidelines now only prohibit requiring a participant to post a specific image and allowing more than one entry per person.