The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has filed a motion for reconsideration or stay of a court order establishing rulemaking deadlines under the Food Safety Modernization Act. Ctr. for Food Safety v. Hamburg, No. 12-4529 (U.S. Dist. Ct., N.D. Cal., Oakland Div., motion filed July 19, 2013). More information about the litigation appears in Issues 481, 487 and 489 of this Update. Scheduled to be heard on August 28, 2013, the motion contends that two of the seven rulemakings at issue, the sanitary transport rule and the intentional adulteration rule, pose challenges that preclude their issuance by the court’s deadline. Requesting that the court reconsider its order largely on the basis of arguments already rejected, the agency also asks the court to stay the order pending the Solicitor General’s determination whether to authorize an appeal and, if an appeal is authorized, while the appeal is pending.