A man underwent numerous surgical procedures as doctors failed to diagnose his condition

A 40 year old man, known only as Daniel, has received compensation for the delay in diagnosis of his rheumatoid arthritis.

Daniel suffered months of unnecessary surgical procedures and pain when his surgeon failed to recognised that he was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Daniel was suffering from swelling in his left knee and was undergoing regular physiotherapy to deal with this. He was diagnosed as having a partial anterior cruciate tear.

Daniel had previously suffered with arthritis, and told his surgeon about this.

In 2012 he was advised to undergo a reconstruction on his left knee.  Two days after the operation his knee became swollen, and five days later he was re-admitted to hospital with septic arthritis.

In the next few months Daniel underwent ten arthroscopies on his knee, but his condition did not improve.

A rheumatologist was eventually asked to review his knee and a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis was made.  Daniel was given steroids and he started to make an immediate recovery.

He spent some 10 weeks in hospital and had numerous unnecessary operations under general anaesthetic.  He suffered severe pain, marked weight loss and the development of bed sores during this time.

Suzanne White, the lawyer from the medical negligence team at Leigh Day, who represented Daniel, said:

“Daniel suffered months of undue pain, surgery and uncertainty. Had a referral and diagnosis been made at the appropriate stage much of this could have been avoided.

“This incident has caused great distress to my client and I hope that the settlement reached helps him to move forward.”