There are strict time limits when taking or responding to any action under the Building & Construction Industry Payments Act (Qld) 2004 (the Payments Act).  It is important to not get caught out by miscalculating the number of business days you have to respond. The good news over the festive season is that the Payments Act in Queensland defines a “business day” as not including:

  • a Saturday or Sunday; or
  • a public holiday in the place in which any relevant act is to be or may be done; or
  • any day occurring within any of the following periods:
    • 22 to 24 December;
    • 27 to 31 December; or
    • 2 to 10 January.

Therefore, the entire period 22 December 2016 to 10 January 2017 does not get counted as “business days’ when calculating deadlines under the Payments Act.