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Class Rulings

CR 2016/68: Income tax: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited - ANZ Capital Notes 4

CR 2016/69: Income tax: scheme of arrangement - merger of Royal Automobile Club of Queensland Limited and QT Mutual Bank Limited

Product Rulings

PR 2016/8: Income tax: tax consequences of investing in Wellington Management Funds (Luxembourg)

Withdrawn Interpretative Decisions

ATO ID 2008/101: GST and reverse charge on cross border leases

ATO ID 2008/102: GST and reverse charge on cross border operating lease

ATO ID 2008/68: GST and supply of services performed on an island which is part of the Commonwealth of Australia

Other news

ATO announces early engagement for private advice

The ATO has announced that it has extended its early engagement for advice service to all business types. This service was previously only available when seeking advice for large businesses.

Progress of legislation

Federal Parliament resumed on 10 October 2016.

As at 7.10.16


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Passed Senate

Date of Royal assent / Act Number


Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (2016 Measures No 2) Bill 2016



Remedial power for the Commissioner; Income tax averaging rules for farmers; luxury car tax; minor amendments correcting technical or drafting defects.

International Tax Agreements Amendment Bill 2016






Gives force of law to Australia - Germany DTA.

Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan) Bill 2016






Immediately reduces the tax rate for businesses with turnover of up to $10 million. Reduces the company tax rate for all businesses to 25 per cent by 2026/27. Increases the unincorporated tax discount for small business. Increases turnover thresholds.

Treasury Laws Amendment (Income Tax Relief) Bill 2016






Raises personal income tax threshold.

Budget Savings (Omnibus) Bill 2016






Amongst other things, reduces the tax offsets under the research and development tax incentive (previously included in lapsed Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (2015 Measures No. 3) Bill 2015).