On 31 March 2016, the Central Bank published its first documents on the Supervisory Disclosures section of its website in accordance with the transparency and accountability requirements under Solvency II.

The documents published provide a useful reference point for (re)insurers that are supervised by the Central Bank and include the following:

  • Supervisory Review Process: this document outlines the Central Bank’s method of supervising (re)insurers subject to Solvency II and the criteria for assessment.
  • Overview of Insurance Directorate and its Supervisory Objectives for 2016: this document sets out the Central Bank’s supervisory focus for 2016.
  • Template for the disclosure of information regarding the exercise of national options: this document contains the references for and descriptions of the options available to Member States under the Solvency II Directive and indicates whether or not Ireland has exercised each option.
  • List of legislation, requirements and guidance relevant to (re)insurers subject to Solvency II: links are provided to lists prepared by the Central Bank.

To view the Supervisory Disclosure webpage, please click here.